Outdoor Event Tents

McCall Party Rentals has high end extremely robust tents that are designed to provide protection from the elements for your event. We have several different shapes and  sizes of tents to accommodate your venues particular characteristics or any space constraints. We can  set up several tents to provide fun  and interesting layouts or can set up one large tent to bring  everyone together under one roof. All of our tents are made of fire retardant materials and are aesthetically appropriate to be used together. We have different types and sizes of tents to accommodate your budget and planning conceptions. McCall Party Rentals can  help you plan how many tents you may need for your event taking into consideration different types of tables and their layouts, dance floors, food service and buffet, seating arrangements and any other special needs. We can help you understand your decor options regarding all our tents and advise you on how to best access and implement the canopy to transform the tents you choose into something truly special. We can provide lighting for your tent canopy so that your guests will have a truly illuminated event experience.


Frame Tents

10'X10' Frame Tent  $140.00

20'x20' Frame Tent  $280.00

20'x30' Frame Tent  $380.00

30'x30' Frame Tent  $550.00

30'x50' Frame Tent  $785.00

Commercial Grade Pop-Up Tents

10'x10' Pop-Up Tent  $75.00

10'x15' Pop-Up Tent  $90.00

10'x20' Pop-up Tent  $120.00

**Frame Tents require Delivery and Installation. Price Not Included

Other Tent Related Equipment

Tent Walls

-20' Length (Solid Wall)  $32.00

-30' Length (Solid Wall)  $48.00

-20' Length (Window Wall)  $42.00

-30' Length (Solid Wall)  $63.00

Tent Leg Cover  $15.00

-White Fabric Tent Leg Cover

Pole Cover  $3.00

-White Plastic slip over Pole Cover 10' Length   -Other Lengths Available

Water Barrel 50 Gallons $12.00

Water Barrel Cover (White)  $12.00