Lighting Options

McCall Party Rentals can provide lighting for your event. Lighting is key to creating ambiance and extending the enjoyment of your event past dusk and into the night. Some buildings will have fluorescent light fixtures that don't seem to complement the theme and decor of an event. Outdoor events will often need to end at dusk, without adequate lighting. For the safety and enjoyment of your guests, you should consider adding a light package to your venue. We can illuminate your event for aesthetic and/or functionality.

We set up both interior and exterior lighting to create truly unique and memorable lighting packages that will transform a venue or location. We have experience with lighting old barns, tents, building interiors, roads/parking areas, trees, dance floors, patios, decks, and anything else you can imagine. We can use specialized equipment to illuminate open air spaces and can apply lighting to your event space that will fit your budget and your imagination. We will be happy to meet you at your event site or otherwise discuss your vision. Our stock of lighting photos taken from past events can also help you determine what you would like to create. We have several different types and styles of lights to create a multitude of effects.

Lighting Packages

1.5"  Clear Globe String Lighting 25' length section  $17.50

LED Small Bulb Twinkle Lighting 20' Length  $15.00

Free Standing Light Pole  $45.00

-Other lighting options available. Please contact us to discuss

-We can construct free standing open air light packages to illuminate your event

10"  Paper  Lanterns  $6.00

- Round White Paper Lanterns with Battery powered L.E.D Lights

Par Can Lights with Colored Gels (Please request pricing)