Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual equipment is often provided by professionals and for good reason. Operating and adjusting audio/visual equipment can be cumbersome, expensive, and technical.

Large speaker systems and PA devices allow guests and participants to be part of an event, speech, conversation or performance at a comfortable distance. McCall Party Rentals has nice selection of sound equipment to help you reach an audience of 15 or 1500, within a price range that will sound good to you. We provide Public Address systems, large Speakers, Speaker Stands, Sub-woofers, and Microphones/Mic Stands. We have both corded and wireless Microphones in different styles to perform for your particular engagement. From live concerts to speeches, we have the capability to get the sound you need just right.

If you want a club atmosphere for your dance floor, we have Fog Machines and Laser, Strobe and Multi-patterned lights that can be set up to function with your music automatically. If you want to plug in your MP3* or computer and give up the benefits of a D.J. or live operator, we can set you up to get your music and sound going (including Karaoke, if desired) at a price you’ll like.

MPR Automated Club Lighting

We have Easels for display, Projectors, and Projector Screens, in multiple sizes, for presentation. We have Pipe/Drape in Black or Ivory for hiding particular areas from view and/or accenting and highlighting presentations. Pipe and Drape can also be set up for Photo Drops or Booths.

Audio Visual

JBL EON 210P Speaker Package-  $170.00

- (2) Speakers & Stands, Mixer w/ MP3 Input, Microphone

Behringer Eurolive B215D Speaker Package-  $280.00

- (2) Speakers & Stands, Mixer w/ MP3 Input, Microphone

Outdoor Movie Screen Package-  $985.00

- (2) Speakers & Stands, 18" Sub-woofer, Mixer w/ MP3 Input, Microphone, Projector, Movie Screen

- Must purchase movie rights separately to show feature film

DJ Lights Package-  $120.00

-Flashing Strobe & Moving Multi-Patterned Light Array mounted on rack with Stand.

-Can be selected for Sound Activation to play with the beat of the music

Fog Machine-  $49.00

-Blasts a Propelled Stream of Condensed Fog.

-Can Illuminate with Special LED Effects.

-Half Gallon of Fog Juice Included.

Wireless Microphone-  $15.00

Large Projector$225

-Can Project a huge Screen with Incredible Clarity (Needs Low Lighting for Optimal Use)

-Built in Speaker, but an External Sound System is Recommended.

-HDMI, DVI, S-Video Input Ports

Projector Screen-  $35-$50.00

-8, 10 or 12 foot wide, adjustable height screen.

-Must be mounted to a wall

Pipe and Drape- $30

-Eight ft Height, 10 ft linear sections in Black or Ivory

Easel-  $9.00

-Adjustable Tripod folding Easels for Presentation & Display

-Bracket Clamp for Flip Charts Included