Dance Floor & Staging

Dance floors are integral to every party. They provide flat stable areas for guests and participants to enjoy dancing to music. People often dance in high heels or barefoot or in socks. Grass, gravel and cobblestone patios can create hazards that prevent people from moving freely and without concern that their heel will get lodged in between pavers or stuck in the grass. Also, McCall Party Rental dance floors can help to keep people who are dancing in socks from getting their feet dirty, and allow dancers to truly glide around freely. Dance floors are also a great choice for carpeted areas, as they save carpets from being ruined because of the high traffic patterns that are concentrated on a specific area that is being used for dancing. Dance floors also provide better movement than carpeted areas. Some other uses of dance floors are, covering unsightly areas of a lawn or for providing centrality to an event. We have set dance floors up on uneven ground to crate a flat usable space and have built superstructures for dance floors over fire pits and other ground disturbances that prevent the venue space from being utilized for this type of entertainment. McCall Party Rentals provides high quality dance floors that can be used both indoors or out. A dance floor can transform a space, especially when used in conjunction with lighting packages. We also have versatile staging options to use for bands, musicians, and any other type of performances you can imagine. Check in with us to see how we can help you optimize the usable space for your event site and protect your guests and the venues floors and lawns from use that it is not designed for.

Dance Floors

3'x3' Dance Floor Section   $11.50

**Dance Floors require Delivery and Installation. Price Not Included

-Includes edging around floor

-Dance floors need to be set up on a level flat surface

-We can help you determine the size of floor you need


4'x8' Staging with 8 inch rise. $25.00

**Staging may require Delivery and Installation. Price Not Included

-Can be attached together to create larger sizes