Food & Beverage Service Equipment

McCall Party Rentals can provide food & beverage service equipment for your event. We have large barbecues for cooking for large events, portable stove top burners, chafers sets for keeping food warm, coolers for keeping food cool and safe. McCall Party Rentals has all the equipment you need to cater your own event. We can provide drink dispensers and coffee makers, galvanized tubs for serving drinks in style. We can help you with serving utensils and equipment, cups, bowls, plates, wine and beer glasses and any other silverware or flatware for your event. Whether its rustic or modern, McCall Party Rentals can help you achieve the look and feel of your decor and design schemes to polish of the exact theme you have in mind.

Chafer setup.jpg


Food and Beverage Service

Chafer Setup  $10.00

    -8 quart pan. We carry Two hour Sterno.

Small Drink Dispenser  $12.00

    -Rustic and Modern Style Available

Large Drink Dispenser  $15.00

    -Rustic and Modern Style Available

Coffee Maker/Dispenser  $17.00

    -30 Cup Capacity Percolator

Galvanized Tub  $8.00

    -For Drinks, Decor, Etc. Several Styles/Sizes Available

3 Burner Propane Cook Stove  $22.00

    -Table Top Design. Very Portable

6 Burner Propane Barbecue  $85.00

    -38inchx19inch Cooking Surface

4 Burner Propane Barbecue Trailer  $240.00

    -45inchx72inch Cooking Surface

Chocolate Fountain  $16.00

    -Uses 3-5lbs of Chocolate for a cascading Waterfall Effect.

Commercial Grade Popcorn Machine  $65.00

    -Pops loose Kernel Popcorn. Popcorn & Bags Available 

- Please contact us for any food service equipment you need that is not included above.